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CCMH was shortlisted for Wellbeing Resource or Support supplier of the year at the Education Today School & Supplier Awards 2022!

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About The Centre for Child Mental Health

  • For over 20 years, the Centre for Child Mental Health has been providing cutting edge CPD for any professional working directly to support child mental health.

  • The focus of the events is on practical tools, techniques, innovative strategies, always underpinned by evidence-based research.

  • We do your homework for you! Our events ensure that you are kept up to date with all the latest research in psychology and neuroscience key to all topics in the field of child mental health.

  • Events are staffed by the most eminent national and international trainers, carefully chosen for their ability to enthuse and involve participants. The Centre is a not-for-profit organisation.


How people change

In this webinar Margot Sunderland describes a case with a young person who suffered from utterly debilitating anxieties, phobias, relationship problems and a range of other mental health issues. Margot walks you through the case from beginning to end, in order to illustrate some key evidence-based therapeutic models and theories on how people change. She makes specific reference to the following:  emotion focussed counselling (Leslie Greenberg) psychological formulation, mentalisation, mental state talk and The Power Threat Meaning Framework (British Psychological Society). Through the use of actual verbatim transcripts, art images and big empathy drawings, she demonstrates how these specific theoretical underpinnings are vital to inform effective therapeutic intervention leading to transformational change.

Viewers will learn how the young person was enabled to become aware of what he was feeling and to understand for the first time how his unprocessed painful past was entirely colouring his perception of the present. Viewers also will learn how he was enabled to access core emotions with the help of the arts. With the provision of corrective emotional experience, empathy, attunement, narrative competence and collaborative sense- making, views will understand how the young man not only became symptom free but also developed self- esteem, self- awareness, self- compassion and could finally love in peace instead of in torment. 


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Cost: £32 for 30 day subscription

Running time: 1hr 6 mins

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